With everyone out there panic buying because of COVID19, food supplies are extremely low. In fact, they are so low that many people are saying it is "war-time" low.

"War-time" low refers to WWII when most supplies were being sent overseas to the troops, so people home in America had much less options for food. They had to get creative and bake and cook things in new and inventive ways. That is where SPAM came from as well as powdered eggs and Nutella. To avoid hoarding of food, the Emergency Price Control Act granted the Office of Price Administration (OPA) to authority to set limits on the price of food and the ability to ration food in 1942. By March of 1943, you had to have a food voucher for just about any food including meat, cheese, canned milk, canned fish and coffee. Of course, people found a way to work around this and began trading their coupons to get supplies they wanted.

We many not be that scarce on food but stores defiantly can't stock the shelves fast enough. Here a few easy things you can make at home from very little while those hard grocery store workers stock up!

  1. Pumpkin Quick Bread
  2. Garlic Knots

3. Apple Cinnamon Pie

4. Chocolate Poke Cake

5. Chocolate Fudge

Tell me what you are baking at home? What "sick-time" recipes are you using? Comment below!