Like most girls from the 90s, I LOVE Barbie. Most people that know me know that Barbie is a huge deal for me. I have always loved playing with Barbies and collecting them. When I was little it was rare to find me not holding or playing with a Barbie. I loved Barbie so much I had matching night gowns for me and my Barbie.

Barbie first graced us all with her glamorous presence on March 9th, 1959. Ruth Handler, owner of Mattel, inc. saw that her daughter was playing with what appeared to be a paper version of an adult woman. It hit her then that girls needed a toy that they could imagine their future with. She bought the rights to a doll that was similar to what she was going for and named it after her daughter, Barbara.

In 1955, Barbie was first advertised on TV during the “Mickey Mouse Club” show. This was the first time a toy was advertised on TV and led to a massive demand for Barbie. By 1961, the demand for a boy doll, a boyfriend for Barbie was ever-growing. Handler created the boyfriend doll for Barbie and named him Ken, after her son.

Through out the years Barbie's popularity has sky rocketed and sold over a billion dollars worth of toys. In the past 10 years, there has been more controversy about the effect Barbie's image had on young girls. Mattel took this to heart and released Barbie's of all different shapes and sizes and ethnicities.

I personally love the classic Barbie look because I could identify with her because I felt like I looked like her. When I was teaching, kids would always call me Barbie and say how much I look like her. Barbie has always been such a big deal to me and I can't wait to have a baby some day and share my love of Barbie with them.

What's your favorite Barbie? What great memories do you have with your Barbie?