One thing that I love about food and baking is that every culture has its own version of different foods. What I mean by this is, for example, is everyone has their own version of the donut. America has donuts, Italy has Zeppole and Bomboloni, Spain and Portugal have Churros, Poland has Paczki. You see? Most cultures have a version of a basic dish. One really cool version of the donut is shared by France and America. Can you guess what it is? Give Up? It’s the pillowy and rectangular Beignet!

New Orleans cuisine as we all know, is heavily influenced by the French ancestors that were there before them. One of the most famous products of the French-Cajun-American city is the Beignet. People travel from all over the world to have New Orleans Beignets, which are best served hot.

They were first introduced in New Orleans around 1840 when chefs there were looking at French cookbooks for inspiration. They came across the recipe for beignets and suddenly they were popping up all over the city. When you visit New Orleans, it’s basically mandatory that you visit Cafe du Monde, the most famous bakery in the city. Just know, beignets are not a ‘neat’ snack and you will be covered in powdered sugar that falls off the beignets.

Beignets are usually served hot and covered in powdered sugar but can sometimes be accompanied by dipping sauces. My favorite is dipping a hot beignet into melted chocolate, yum! How do you eat your beignets?