As someone who is really active and passionate about fitness, I am almost ALWAYS wearing workout clothes. What are the most important things that you need from your workout clothes? For me it depends, so I need a variety of pieces for the variety of activities I do. It also depends on the person and body type, so keep in mind I have an athletic hourglass figure. I took all of this and comfort into account when evaluating these workout brands and ranked them based on how many points they hit or missed!

5. C9 Champion

French Terry Tunic Pullover- $24.99

C9 Champion from Target is a great, inexpensive brand for athletic clothes. I really like their hoodies and shirts. They are great to workout in, but I mostly like them for running around doing errands. They are stylish and are sooo comfy!

4. Nike

Nike Tempo Shorts- $30

Nike is a tried and true brand and I always love their classic running shorts. They are super flattering on me and are super comfortable to run in, lift in or even lounge around in. They offer good support and usually come in every color you could think of.

3. Zella

Studio lite high waist crop- $55

Zella is a great brand for yoga clothes that I love to wear when I do yoga, specifically their leggings. They have super stylish pieces and they usually offer really cool patterns as well. These leggings are thicker which is nice when you live in a cold place and have to travel to the yoga studio. They usually run big so I typically order an XS ( size 0-2).

2. Adidas

Essentials 3 stripes 3/4 pants-$20

I love Adidas, and this is a new love for me. I used to be so devoted to Nike but in recent years Adidas really stepped up their design game and not only are they super fashionable but also super functional. I love everything from their ridiculously comfortable Cloudfoam shoes (which are like walking on clouds) to their sleek hoodies. This brand is great for high intensity workouts, I really like wearing their shorts when I do HITT because they have great movement without falling down..cause nothing is worse then athletic clothes falling down. They also have amazing sweatpants that a great for weightlifting or even lounging around.

  1. Lululemon
Align pant II 25"- $98

This is defiantly my favorite workout brand! I tell anyone and everyone I can about this brand and I've gotten 10 + people as obsessed as me. Its just so luxe and comfy. This brand is a little pricey but it is soooo worth it. From their super soft and buttery Align line to their supportive Run Times Bra, Lulu has it all. They have such a variety & they offer items for all different kinds of training. I use their Align Shorts 4" for Jiu Jitsu under my Gi (since I have sensitive skin) and use their Wunder Under leggings for running and lifting weights. They also have a great section on their website and app called " we made too much" which is their sale section. If you check on Thursday mornings, you can get get some really good deals on these amazing products. Right now they have fantastic colors for spring and I've scooped up several colors, my favorite being this really pretty Tidewater Teal color.

Do you agree with my list? Was this list helpful? Comment below and tell me your thoughts!