Now that the holidays are narrowing in, it's time to get wrapping those presents! I love wrapping presents, there’s just something so therapeutic and calming about it. With wrapping paper being such a huge part of the holiday season, it got me thinking, "how many people know where wrapping paper comes from?"

The wrapping paper we know and love today was invented on accident during the early 1900s in the United States? Two brothers, Joyce and Rollie Hall, who ran a stationery store, ran out of product one season and decided to try and create their own. They found some paper that was intended to be used for lining envelopes and put it in their showcase. The store sold out almost instantly. They decided to repeat their success the next year in 1918 and marketed their new product as gift wrap. They were so successful they decided to create their own decorated and printed gift wrap which sparked and industry and their small company became a national icon, you may know their small store, Hallmark.

With a history that interesting, no wonder wrapping paper is a staple of every major event we celebrate! With that being said, it can sometimes be an overwhelming process to find a wrapping paper you like or your loved one(s) would like with such a huge variety of choices. This list will help you find, what I believe to be the best wrapping paper options of 2019! Happy Wrapping!

1. 30" x 12ft Papyrus Christmas Mickey Reversible Gift Wrap, $9.95

I love this wrapping paper so much, I mean what’s not to love? Any Disney lover can enjoy this paper and it’s perfect for kids too. I live that it is double sided so you can have some variation if you’re giving someone more then one gift. I also love it because it’s made by Papyrus so you know the quality is top notch and worth it! The best part is, if you don’t live by a papyrus store you can get this at Target.

2. Fun plaid Wrapping Paper, 5 sheets for $15

This wrapping paper is SO nice. I love the style, which I think it gives off a very modern farmhouse feel. It is great quality and has that super thick texture to it so you know it will hold up. Cause, seriously, whats worse then spending a ton of time wrapping a gift and then the corner rips? Not much. Luckily, like I said this paper is NICE and it will not give you that problem.

3. Merry Pixel Dinos Holiday Wrapping Paper, $9.95

Okay, how dang cute is this paper? Not only do you have the pattern with the adorable dinosaurs in sweaters on the front, you have the sweater pattern the dinosaurs are wearing on the reverse side. This is too much, I just love it. It is perfect for anyone in my opinion, but it is really perfect for any dinosaur lovers out there. This paper is made by Papyrus, so, ya know its like the Rolls Royce of wrapping paper.

4. Hello Santa Flat Wrap, $8.95

I'm totally a sucker for anything vintage looking so this paper was right up my alley. I love Christmas and vintage Santa too so this paper was possibly made for me?! All joking aside, I really love the nostalgic feel this paper gives and its just so dang cute! It is super nice quality and is great for wrapping anyones present. I know I want at least one of my presents wrapped in this.

5. Blush Pink Glitter Christmas Holiday Snowflake Joy Wrapping Paper, $22.15

Perhaps the boujee-set of papers on this list & a price to match, but how could I not? If I were to describe myself as a wrapping paper, this would be it. It's pink, it's sparkly, and it's wintery. I seriously don't think it could be any more perfect. It is of the highest quality and it is SO pretty, did I mention that? This paper was made to wrap presents for your most extra friends. I mean it just screams extra, but that the best way to live life, am I right?

Tell me what wrapping paper you are loving this year below in the comments! Have you used any I mentioned? Make sure to subscribe for more lists like these!