Spring is coming to a close and that means its cleaning time! This is one of my favorite times of year because I love cleaning and I ESPECIALLY love deep cleaning and organizing. I've created a list of what I think are the most important things to have for a good spring cleaning! After you've read through the list, write down anything you don't have and check out the Perfect Spring Cleaning List! I think we can all agree that this spring we may need a super-duper deep clean!

Vacuum with anti-allergy seal

One thing that always really effects my family is all the dust that is moved around when spring cleaning. One good way to prevent this is to use a vacuum with an anti-allergy seal. This will ensure that dust and other allergens aren't flying around making you feel yucky! I love the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum. Its great because it works on multi-surface and actually traps in dust. I use it on my hard wood, carpet, couches, window sills, bathrooms...pretty much everywhere! You can get it here!

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum, Target.com, $159

Multi-surface Cleaning Spray

This is a MUST have when cleaning! It is so important to wipe down every surface, and the walls, yes I said the walls. One cleaner that I LOVE and swear by is Mrs. Meyers. I used it in my classroom when I was teaching and I use it at home too. It is a great product because it doesn't have all those harsh chemicals in it but it still effectively cleans so many different surfaces. The only places I don't use it first ( I usually go back over these surfaces after) are toilets and showers and that's because I use bleach first.  I also love how many scents it comes in! They even have seasonal scents which are to DIE FOR. I am obsessed with their pine scent that is out around Christmas time. You can get it here!

Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner, Target, $3.99


This is a classic, tried and true and VERY important product to use when cleaning your home. Bleach kills pretty much everything, so it's perfect for gross places likes bathrooms and door handles. I personally hate the smell of bleach and am allergic to it if it gets on my skin so I wear gloves. That being said, I use it in bathrooms, on the floor, in the dishwasher and other high-contact areas. What I do to counteract the smell and allergic reaction, is go over the surfaces again with Mrs. Meyers after they have dried. I have found this solves any issue I have while also making my house super clean and disinfected.  My favorite bleach is a spray version from Clorox. Its easy to use and makes it easier for me to not have to touch it as much! You can find it here!

Clorox Bleach Spray, Target, $3.39

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

What's more annoying then a clean house with scuffs here and there? In my book nothing! I hate when I spend tie making my house super clean and neat just for an ugly scuff to make it look dirty. I use these all. the. time. They are great for so many purposes and are super cheap! Not only are they great for getting scuffs off but they are great for glass shower doors. My husband often forgets to squeegee the door after her gets out of the shower, which leaves behind those pesky hard water marks. The magic eraser gets rid of those like...well, magic. I know I'm a dork. Have fun erasing away and get your magic erasers here!

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, Target, $2.99

Swiffer Duster

I love, love, love my Swiffer Duster! I know it might be weird that I love so many cleaning supplies...but I told you, I love cleaning! This duster is great because it can be changed out, meaning when it gets too full of nasty dust, you just throw it away and put on a new duster. Also, it can change lengths. So I can clean my ceiling fans, blinds, t.v or whatever else and not have to struggle to do so! Get yours here!

Swiffer 360 Duster, Target, $7.99

Do you like what you see? What else is essential for Spring cleaning? Tell me in the comments below!