Photo by Micheile Henderson @micheile010 // Visual Stories [nl] / Unsplash

Recently my husband and I were super annoyed with how frequently we have to do the laundry. It seemed like a never ending chore and our clothes just kept piling up.

So we decided to clean out our closet and donate everything we didn’t want. Right now you’re probably thinking “ okay what’s different about what they did, they just cleaned?” Not exactly. We didn’t just clean we made a few guidelines and the results are insane! We knew it would help to get rid of some stuff but this has truly changed everything. If you follow these few simple things we did, then you can feel the relief of never having laundry pile up and not having to spend hours folding & putting thing away.

  1. Don’t make rules

Often times you what people say “if you haven’t worn it in 6 months then get rid of it.” This isn’t an effective way to clean out your closet because it puts pressure on you to get rid of things even if you don't want to. For example, I have tons of clothes from when I was teaching that I love! I don’t wear them all the time but I love them so they are worth keeping! Basically, if you TRULY love it, keep it.

  1. Don’t keep things just because

This can apply to keeping a minimalist closet in many ways. The biggest thing I can say about keeping a minimalist closet is don’t keep things because someone gave it to you or because you want to try and fit in those shorts again that don't fit anymore. If something doesn’t fit, don’t keep it. If you really love it and it doesn’t fit anymore, keep it in storage, not in your closet. If someone gave you something and you don't love it, don’t keep it!

3 This applies to all clothing

To keep a minimalist closet you are going to want to apply what i've mentioned not only to shirts and pants but everything. Socks, shoes, underwear, etc. When we cleaned out our closets we purged A LOT of socks and underwear.

4 Get all your stuff in one place.

Before you go through everything, make sure you have everything in one place. It will help you, it helped us. I’m not entirely sure why but having everything in one place helps the purging process and it’s satisfying to see everything you are getting rid of.

5. Organize your clothes

After you’ve purged and donated all the things you don’t want, you’ll need to organize. The best way to organize your clothes is first by type of clothing. For example, shirts, pants, socks, etc. Then by color, you want to organize your hanging stuff by color because it helps keep things aesthetically pleasing. Last you want to organize by shirt length. So once you have all your hanging stuff organized by color, sort your clothes from shortest sleeve to longest.

For real, when we came up with this we had no idea that it would be so effective. Now that we’ve cleaned things out and organized, not only is it easy to do laundry but we also have a VERY organized closet. The best part? It’s SO easy to maintain and requires basically no effort!

What tips will you use? What tips do you have for me? Share in the comments below!