Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus, more and more people are getting stuck at home. It's unclear right now how long we will have to avoid public places and events so in the mean time, here are 5 simple ways to workout at home!

  1. Jump squats

One way to do a quick workout at home that is a full body workout is doing jump squats! They are like your basic squat except you jump into position each time. Here is a video that shows how to do them:


HIIT stands for High-intensity-interval- training. This type of exercise is the best for burning fat because it requires you to do a lot of explosive movements. This is also great because you can do it from home no problem! Here is a great video to follow along with:

3. Yoga Videos

Yoga is great workout to do at home and it is also greta for calming your mind. So if you are a little stressed about being cooped up or worried about catching COVID-19, this will be the perfect at home exercise.

4. Pilates Videos

For those of you who need a little bit of the peacefulness of Yoga but want an intense core workout, then Pilates will be for you. This workout is greta because you don't need anything but yourself and maybe a yoga mat to do them.

5. Insanity Videos

If you are wanting a really, and I mean really intense workout at home then try Insanity. It is full body and full of explosive movements that are nonstop! This is just a short clip of what the exercises are like but you can find the full workout on Youtube.

How are you staying active at home? Tell me in the comment below!