While we all have our favorite desserts, you know, that one food that you could eat a whole trough of?! Well while we all have a favorite, we also have at least one dessert we just hate! Like I really don’t like cinnamon in desserts at all, i.e. churros. I asked people what desserts they hated the most and here are the top 5 most hate desserts!

1.Pie -

So many people told me how much they hate pie and said that pie is often too sweet!

2. Tres Leches -

Many people said this was one they hated because of the texture, I must agree to this one.

3. Fruit salad -

This one was a very popular answer for most hated, and people said because it’s super sweet and has gross ingredients!

4.Fruit cake -

This one I feel is a give in. I know very few people who like fruit cake, but for the most part people hate this strange cake.

5. Pudding -

This was surprising to me because pudding is usually popular, but people said that pudding has a weird texture sometimes and can be too sugary.

Overall, the gist was that people don’t necessarily love super sweet desserts! I know that I hate super sweet stuff!

What dessert do you hate the most?