One of the most important tools I use when baking is my handy dandy stand mixer. I can’t explain how helpful it is when making batters, frostings and bread. It cuts the prep time in half for most things I make and saves me the effort of mixing something by hand or even with a hand mixer. The best part is I have both hands free to work on other things while the mixer does the heavy labor!

The hand mixer (the H model) was first created in 1908 by engineer Herbert Johnson but was not sold until 1914 and even at that time, it was only sold to professional bakers. However, the U.S. Navy also starting using the H model on three ships, which allowed cooks to produce more food for a large group of people. The Navy ended up loving the H model so much and its efficiency that it became standard equipment on every ship.

With the success of the industrial version, Johnson’s company made a prototype of a household version, which was gifted to the wives of factory works. The name for the stand mixers actually came from one of the wives who had a prototype, she said, “it was the best kitchen aid she ever had”.  I have to agree with her, my stand mixer does it ALL! It is the most helpful thing I use in the kitchen.

By 1927, the G model was released to the public and it was new and improved! The mixer was now much smaller (it used to a whopping 65 pounds and 26 in” tall!) and much cheaper. It was an instant success and sold over 20,000 units. But the improvements didn’t stop there, in 1937 the K model was released and really captivated buyers with its ‘modern’ look (it looks like the one we use today!)

We first started seeing color KitchenAid mixers in the 50s, which were a huge success and were compatible with any attachment. Seriously, if I took an attachment from the 1950s and hooked it up to my mixer it would still work! How cool it that!?
The stand mixer has been around for just a little over 100 years but has completely revolutionized how we create delicious food. How does your mixer save you time?