We all know and love it, it’s in most things we eat… any guesses? Well it’s flour of course! This powder typically made from wheat has a very long history and is older than most ingredients we have.

Flour can actually be traced back nearly 30,000 years! Back then they used a stone mortar and pestle to grind the wheat into powder. The ancient Greeks, who had water mills around 71 BC, used millstone which was powered by the watermill and then was grinded into powder.

When the Industrial Age came, the machines were no longer powered by water mills but by steam and the wheat was crushed with rollers that were made of metal or porcelain. This obviously made flour a lot more affordable and increased production so it was easier to get your hands on.

Today we have 4 distinct kinds of flour; all-purpose flour, self-rising flour, enriched flour and other flours made from almonds, coconuts, for example.

I believe that using great flour makes great tasty food! My favorite brands are King Arthur, White Lily and Bob’s Red Mill. What’s your favorite kind of flour?