Can you believe that Easter is in 5 days?! I sure can’t! One of my favorite traditional Easter desserts is Italian Easter Bread! You probably have seen it before, it’s braided bread with colorful eggs throughout.

Italians take holidays very seriously, especially when it comes to food. The Italian Easter Bread symbolizes a few different things, including the shape of the bread. The bread is braided and usually made into a circle to symbolize the crown Jesus wore on the cross. The bread usually is braided with three pieces that symbolize the Holy Trinity. Lastly, the eggs that are included symbolize birth and life.

There are other kinds of Easter breads in Italy and you can find all different variations of the one I talked about depending on where you are in Italy. Eggs are not only included for the symbolism but also because any animal product used to be prohibited during the Lenten season.

I once tried to give up chocolate and tv for Lent, any guesses on how long I lasted? Not long, I think it was about 2 days!

What did you give up for Lent? What’s your favorite Easter sweet treat?