Looking for something gripping & thrilling that will keep you on the edge of your seat? The following book picks are what I consider to be the best mystery stories of all time!

  1. And then there Were None by Agatha Christie

This is by far not only one of the best mystery books of all time but one of the best books of all time, period. This book brings so many twists and turns and leaves the reader speechless and wanting more. The story is centered around a group of people mysteriously called to a private island. Things quickly turn south when a storm traps them on the island...even worse, someone is picking them all off one-by-one.  

2. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

This book made my jaw literally drop when I got to the end. It is a dark and twisted story of a writer who goes to her hometown to cover the story of a murdered young girl. She is quickly swept up into the drama of her family, including her over-bearing mother and seemingly sweet and vicious step-sister. As the truth unravels, the murder's identity becomes less and less clear. You won't want to put this book down. I was up all night trying to finish it!

3. Evil Under the Sun by Agatha Christie

This book is an amazing work of art and is once again brought to you by the Queen of Mystery, Agatha Christie. This book is very nostalgic for me as my mom and I loved reading it and watching the movie adaption from the 80s. The story is about a group of vacationers, including famous Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot. Everyones' vacation is ruined when one of the guests turns up dead.  It becomes a case of who-done-it and I promise, you won't guess who the murder is. I love the complete blindside this story ends with!

4. The Complete Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Everyone knows the stories of Sherlock Holmes, but for good reason. These stories are classic and the inspiration for so many other movies and books. My particular favorite book from the collection is The Hound of Baskervilles. The story surrounds a legendary, diabolical hound who is suspected of murder. This story has always been one of my favorites and is considered one of the best stories of all time by mystery lovers.

5. Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

The Queen of Mystery is back...can you tell I love her? This time, a train of strangers are all trapped on a train during a snow storm. Things get dark when one of the passengers is murdered in his cabin. It's up to famous detective, Hercule Poirot to solve the mystery and find the murder before the train gets up and running & the murder can escape.

Honorable mention:

Nancy Drew and the Secret of the Old Clock

By far one of my favorite book characters of all time, Nancy Drew, starts her long legacy of sleuthing with The Mystery of the Old Clock. This was one of the first mysteries I ever read and it really sparked my passion for reading and mystery. In this story, Nancy finds herself helping the Turners locate a will that has vanished. While sleuthing, Nancy finds herself in a heap of trouble & gets imprisoned in a vacant house. This is a great book for mystery lovers or anyone who wants to get their kids into a good book series!

What mystery books do you love? Do you agree with any of my picks? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!