Top Bakeries in New York New York is the epicenter for all good food and it can be really hard to navigate all the choices, especially when it comes to bakeries! Here are my top 5 choices for best bakeries in NYC!

1. Cookie Do NYC
Ever wish you could eat cookie dough without worrying about getting sick? Then this place will make all your dreams come true! When you walk into Cookie Do NYC it’s like walking into an ice cream parlor but when you walk up to the case you won’t see ice cream, you’ll see vats of cookie dough. This cookie dough is 100% edible because it’s made eggless and with heat-treated flour. This place is practically what dreams are made of.

2. Eileen’s Cheesecake
Eileen’s is a staple in New York and has been since the late ‘70s. This famous bakery makes some of the best cheesecake in all of New York. You can get classic cheesecake, nut-topped and fruit topped!

3. Levian Bakery
If you’ve ever searched chocolate chip cookies on Pinterest before, then you've seen the super thick chocolate chip cookies from Levian Bakery. They have four flavors but stick to the original chocolate chip with walnut. Pro tip: if the line is crazy go a couple of blocks and visit the second location!

4. Magnolia Bakery
The most popular item on the menu at Magnolia Bakery is the banana pudding. That’s right, while you could get cookies or a cupcake, you should opt for the banana pudding. It’s something you can’t go to New York and not try!

5. Dominique Ansel Bakery
This delicious and highly demanded bakery serves the unique and delectable cronut. Yup, it’s a hybrid of the donut and croissant, it’s layered like a croissant and shaped like a donut. The cronuts are so good that each customer has a two-cronut limit. There is usually quite the line but if you get there before they open you can get lucky and get a fresh baked one!

You really can’t go wrong with any of these bakeries, it more depends on what you’re in the mood for! Go get one of each!