Top 3 Bakeries in Colorado

Denver is a growing city that keeps getter bigger and bigger. Along with that, more great food, specifically bakeries, are coming to this Mile High city. Here are my top 3 favorite bakeries in Denver!

1. Honey B’s Macarons
Honey Bs is by far my favorite bakery in Denver. This small but perfect shop makes the best macarons I’ve ever tasted. When I graduated from college, they made dessert for my party. Before my brother went to Marine boot camp, they made macarons for his party. They have such a fantastic variety of flavors from classic red velvet to unique flavors like pink peppercorn, lavender and honey. What makes this bakery so unique is that every macaron is made with fresh honey, that is harvested by the owner who has her own bee colony. My favorite macaron from them is the unicorn macaron, not only is it delicious but it’s almost too beautiful to eat!

2. Pierre Michel French Bakery
When I was in high school, I took French and sometimes during French class we would walk to Pierre Michel. While I didn’t love French class, I did love going to this bakery. They have freshly made pastries every day which are made perfectly every time. For my 21st birthday, my mom took me here for breakfast & mimosas. Every time I go, no fail, I will get the Nutella Croissant. If you are lucky and you get one straight from the oven, you will not be disappointed!

3. Dolce Sicilia Italian bakery
Good Italian anything is hard to come by in Denver, but this bakery is authentic and perfect. When you walk in you are immediately created by freshly baked Italian bread. Not only that but a huge case full of Italian pastries. They have it all. Cannoli’s, Pignoli cookies and my favorite the Florentine cookie!