1. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

This is by far the best way to work out, that doesn’t feel like a horrible, miserable time. I recently started doing Jiu Jitsu myself and I have to say I was EXTREMELY apprehensive to do it. I won’t like, it looks super intimidating. BUT it’s not, and it is one of the best workouts. In an hour of rolling (engaging in rounds of grappling with teammates) you can burn anywhere from 800-1200 calories. That is a crazy amount of calories and it doesn’t feel like it at all. BJJ is actually super fun and basically human chess. I say that because you are literally defending yourself against someone attacking you and you have to be thinking about what their moves will be in response to things you do. It’s also a great sport for women because it is the best self defense martial art there is. Almost all of BJJ takes place on the ground, where you learn how to get someone off of you. I really could go on and on about BJJ but you should just try it yourself!

2. Yoga

I know you’ve seen it on lists before but what you have read about yoga is true. It is a great workout for both your body and your mind. I personally love hot yoga the best, there is just something so fun about sweating buckets and doing yoga. But again, you don’t really feel like you're working hard enough to be sweating buckets. Yoga is great because it helps improve your strength and flexibility and helps your mind to open up and clear any ruminating thoughts.

3. Go for a hike

This is such an easy way to work out and can be tailored to any fitness level! I love hiking because you can find a trail in SO many places. Beach hikes are the best, if you are lucky enough to live by the beach. I live in the mountains so I naturally have endless trails to go on. I guarantee anywhere you live you can find trails to go walk. Hikes are great because you get to be outside and when you hike with others, you can have a great time. If you pick up hiking you also get to see a lot of different places and when you travel it can become one of the activities you do. While we were in Hawaii for our wedding we went on one hike and it was perfect for all hiking levels. It had many different paths down to the spot everyone was going to so everyone could take it at their own pace. Hiking is also a great way to burn a TON of calories without feeling like you are.

4. MMA sparring

This one might not be for everyone but it could be! Again, this can look really intimidating to most but it is actually not scary at all and is always a blast. One night my husband and I were joking around and started MMA sparring and we had SO MUCH FUN. It is so fun to play around and spar PLUS when I looked at my Fitbit app it logged it as an exercise. In the 30 minutes we spared, my average heart rate was 145 and I burned 197 calories. That’s almost 200 calories and I felt no resistance, I never felt out of breath, I just have FUN! The best part is, most Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gyms also have MMA classes like boxing or Muay Thai. So if you are interested in BJJ or MMA yo can get it all in one place usually.

5. Go for a walk

This is literally the easiest way to exercise and get some cardio in. At any time you can walk out your door and just go for a walk anywhere. It’s that easy and you can do multiple things while you walk. For example, my husband and I like to go on walks and we’ll walk to the store to get our groceries and then walk home with them. You can also take your dog with you or listen to an audiobook. It seriously is the easiest way to exercise and you can be productive while you do it.